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Olena Diadechko

Classic Color for Your Home

  • Born in Barnaul, Altay region.
  • 1997 Completed the four years of Art College
  • 1988-1994 Earned Master Degree in Ukrainian State Art Academy.
             Faculty of  Mural Art and Art Restoration. 
  • 1992 employed in private scientific research foundation “Oberig?
  • 1992 Took part in restoration of the Nikolaev Church of Dikanka (Poltava Region)
  • 1993  Restored murals of Sapson’ev Church of Poltava
  • 1994 Nominated for the copy of the painting by Groppius “ at First Art Gallery.
  • 1996 Executed the restoration of the ceiling mural in Kievo-Mogil’anskaya Academy (Church Nikolaevskaya)
  • 1997 Involved in restoration of the icons of Kievo –Pecherskaya Lavra
  • 1998 Renewed and restored the icons of Sviato –Danilovskaya Church in Kostabobrov.

Starting 1999 develops, curates, and executes monumental mural art projects in private residences and public offices of Russia and Ukraine.  Professional fields include technically and artistically  authentic copies of Flandreau, Renaissance, Ukrainian Barocco periods.   Among latest projects is a unique series   of important persons in Ukrainian History,  wall and ceiling murals for the Baturin Palace of Ukrainian Cossacks. Currenly resides and works in Kiev, Ukraine.

  • A Complete Design Service Specializing in Children’s Rooms
  • Fantasy theme rooms
  • Tranquil nurseries
  • Animated Playrooms
  • The “Gotta have it “ Bedrooms

Artwork and Murals

Residential and Commercial

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